Domestic twin-screw extruder market is booming


Domestic twin-screw extruder market is booming

Twin screw extruder is the representative of advanced extrusion technology. With the continuous improvement of the technical capabilities of domestic twin-screw enterprises, new equipment with high speed, high torque and high output as the main characteristics has been continuously developed to meet the needs of the market. With the development of the national economy, large plastic pipes, profiles and plates are widely used in petrochemical, construction, agriculture, national defense and other fields. Attention should be paid to the development of large parallel and different twin-screw extruders.

Through composite co-extrusion, multi-layer materials with different characteristics are combined with each other in the extrusion process, so that the products have the excellent characteristics of several different materials, such as anti-oxygen and anti-moisture barrier ability, coloring, heat preservation, thermoforming and thermal bonding ability, and mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness and hardness. In addition, composite extrusion can also greatly reduce the cost of products, simplify the process, reduce equipment investment, composite process without solvent, do not produce three waste materials. Therefore, co-extrusion technology is widely used in the production of composite films, plates, pipes, profiles and wires and cables.

The production of co-extruded composite films in China has become mature. At present, China's 3-layer and 3-layer co-extruded composite film has been used for the production of functional composite heat-sealing substrate, heat shrinkable film, winding film, two-way stretch film and greenhouse film, etc.; 5-layer and more than 5-layer co-extruded film production is still mainly imported equipment. Some enterprises have also been able to produce 5 or more layers of different structural forms of co-extruded film, such as Guangdong Jinming has the ability to produce 7 to 9 layers of co-extruded film.

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