Some common sense of extruder, extruder screw thread element manufacturers to explain for you


 Extruder screw thread element manufacturers believe that compared with single screw extruder, meshing twin screw extruder has the advantages of large extrusion volume, good plasticizing effect, low energy consumption, short residence time of materials in the barrel, good exhaust effect, and certain self-cleaning ability. Therefore, it is widely used for processing hard polyvinyl chloride products (such as profiles).

The screw thread element manufacturer of the extruder believes that in the counter-rotating full-meshing twin-screw extruder, the two screws mesh with each other, and the thread of one screw is inserted into the spiral groove of the other screw at the meshing position, so that no backflow or stagnation will occur during the material conveying process. No matter whether the spiral groove is full or not, the conveying speed remains basically unchanged and has the maximum forced conveying performance. Such an extruder can be added directly to granules, powders, bars and pastes. At the same time, the shearing of the material at the spiral net makes the surface layer of the material continuously updated and enhances the exhaust effect. Therefore, the twin-screw exhaust extruder has better exhaust performance than the single-screw exhaust extruder.

Due to the intermeshing of the two screws, the movement of the material is far more complicated than that of the single screw extruder, and it is continuously subjected to longitudinal and transverse shear mixing, thereby generating a large amount of heat energy, making the plastic plasticizing more uniform and improving the plasticizing quality.

The manufacturer of the screw thread element of the extruder believes that if the accumulation material adhered to the spiral groove is too long, it will cause the degradation and deterioration of the material and seriously damage the product quality. Therefore, the accumulation of materials, especially heat-sensitive plastics, should be removed in time.

In the counter-rotating twin screw, there is a speed difference between the thread and the spiral groove at the meshing position. In the process of wiping each other, the material adhering to the screw is peeled off each other, so that the screw can clean itself.

The manufacturer of the screw thread element of the extruder thinks that the speed of the thread and the groove of the twin screw rotating in the same direction is opposite at the meshing position, and the relative speed is very high, so the shear speed is quite high, and various accumulated materials can be scraped off, and its self-cleaning effect is more effective than reverse rotation.

In China, extruder products are closely connected with strategic emerging industries, with the advantages of energy saving and high cost performance. Exports to developed countries are dominated by low-and medium-end, and this part of consumer demand is rigid. Therefore, the development of the extruder industry still has a lot of market space. Finally, industry insiders said that in recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more developed, the popularity will be further expanded, and the market competitiveness will be further enhanced. The proportion of exports to emerging countries will also increase significantly.

Extruder screw thread element manufacturers believe that overall, China's extruder product export growth will show a steady trend. Domestically, China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, and is still in an important period of development strategic opportunities, which will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry. Finally, the recovery of the international market has brought confidence to the extruder enterprises.


Keywords: Some common sense of extruder, extruder screw thread element manufacturers to explain for you

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