How to maintain a single screw extruder?


How to maintain a single screw extruder?

single screw extruderAlthough there are many advantages of it, it is also necessary to do daily maintenance when it is used. In this way, it can be operated more easily and there will be no frequent problems in use. On the maintenance method, the following small series will tell you about it. If you want to know, look down.


single screw extruderSome people may be familiar with the equipment, and some people will feel very strange. But no matter what, you have to know that it has good sealing performance and good working environment, so it can bring a lot of benefits to all major fields when it is used, and it can only be strong if it continues to work and can be handled. And in the price is also very affordable, after all, its use of the cost is relatively low, maintenance costs are low, maintenance is simple. What you see now is also some of the advantages of the device. And in use is its operating efficiency is also very high. And fully automatic control, no need for professionals to handle. It is really possible to carry out self-inspection and constant pressure operation on the fan revolution, pressure, temperature, flow, etc. on the personal computer, load/no-load operation, overload control, anti-surge control, etc. to realize unmanned operation. If you have any need in this respect, you can contact us to order. The company has strong technical force and rich practical experience, and it also has extensive cooperation with domestic manufacturers and domestic sewage operators to provide customers with overall solutions.

Assingle screw extruderWe also clearly tell everyone that we should do a good job of maintenance at ordinary times. In this way, its life can be extended. It is suggested that everyone should check whether the sewage pump and return pump are frozen at work every day, including the lubrication and refueling of the water pump and the tightness of the packing. It is also necessary to observe the sealing ratio of its bottom valve to the filling oil of the air compressor. In addition to these places, it is also necessary to check whether the air filter cutting of the air compressor is frozen or not, so as to judge the normal operation of the air compressor, whether there is noise and heating. Therefore, as a mechanical equipment, its maintenance work is very important. If you do it well, you can increase its life span. andsingle screw extruderIn addition to these places need to be checked during maintenance and maintenance, what the staff cannot ignore is to check the transmission part and scraper of the slag scraper and whether it becomes hard and broken in the cold state to avoid affecting the use. The lubricating part shall be filled with oil and sealed, and all kinds of transmission belts shall be removed, cleaned and dried, and there shall be indoor ventilation place to prevent moth or rat bite. For all transmission chains, it is recommended that you wash and dry them with diesel or kerosene, and then put them into oil for 15-20 minutes. Wait until the shutdown must put the water clean, to avoid ice blockage.

The above article content is small make up for you to introduce the relevantsingle screw extruderThe maintenance method, today's knowledge point is here first. Hope to help you, if you still don't understand anything, please continue to pay attention to our website. In this way, you won't miss the wonderful content. Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can also consult our online customer service personnel.

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