Basic information of flat twin screw extruder


 flat twin screw extruderWidely used in rubber, plastic and engineering resin filling, blending, modification, reinforcement, chlorinated polypropylene and high absorbent resin devolatilization treatment; With its degradable masterbatch extrusion, polyamide polycondensation, polyurethane polyaddition reaction; Carbon powder and magnetic powder granulation, cable insulation materials, sheath materials, low smoke and low halogen flame retardant PVC cable materials and various silane crosslinking materials preparation. The small model is mainly used for scientific research and teaching. Moreover, its screw and barrel adopt "building block" structure with good interchangeability. The flat twin-screw extruder can be used in any combination according to different material processing technologies; it is made of nitrided steel and bimetallic materials, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Of course, it can prolong the service life very well. The threaded parts are made of nitrided steel and high-speed tool steel, and the curve is designed by computer aided. With unique processing technology, the normal tooth surface clearance of the threaded working section can be ensured, and the special design of the connection mode and transmission device can enhance the strength of the threaded parts and the mandrel. The above measures achieve the purpose of uniform material dispersion, good mixing and plasticizing effect, short material residence time and high conveying efficiency.

The flat twin-screw extruder adopts a special reduction box for plastic machinery. The transmission parts are made of alloy carburizing steel, combined with carburizing, quenching, grinding and other processes. Tooth surface strength HRC54-62. Core hardness HRC30-40. Gear level 6. The system has the characteristics of high speed, large torque and low noise. In addition, the equipment adopts a twin-screw belt agitator quantitative feeding system, the feeding is uniform and accurate, and there is no wire drawing phenomenon. Imported electrical components are adopted, the control panel is man-machine interface, and each part of the flat twin-screw extruder is controlled by "module" (also can be configured according to user requirements, protection, pressure head protection, overcurrent protection, etc.), which truly reflects the operating status of the equipment, accurate control, high sensitivity and convenient operation. Using cast aluminum, cast copper, ceramic resistance heating device, uniform heating, fast heating, flat twin-screw extruder temperature control accuracy, the use of dual-channel temperature control meter, sensitive response, temperature setting and adjustment is convenient, high temperature control accuracy, the use of water cooling, oil cooling and air cooling two forms, cooling quickly, evenly and effectively.


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