Notice of Spring Festival Holiday in 2024


Notice of Spring Festival Holiday in 2024

Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Dear colleagues:

                  2024As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, the following arrangements are now made for the Spring Festival holiday in combination with the overall business situation of the company:

2024Year2Month6Daily cleaning of the whole factory

2024Year2Month7Day morning9:00Annual meeting summary

Dinner Address: Chunshan Hope Hotel (Shi Mengjiang Road, Zhongxing Town, Dujiangyan City177No.)

Spring Festival holiday schedule:

2024Year2Month7Day2024Year2Month17The day is eleven days.

Working time arrangement after Spring Festival

2024Year2Month18Day in the morning8:00Go to work.


1. All departments are requested to do a good job in health and safety inspection, turn off the power supply, and take preventive measures against fire and theft.

2. During the holiday, everyone will go to places with less energy and more people. There are no special circumstances. Energizer will not leave the Chengdu area and pay attention to safety when traveling.

3、2Month7Day Summary Meeting Morning9Point, please8:50Be on time before and bring clean work clothes.

In advance, I wish all colleagues a happy New Year, good health and a happy family!



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