Maintenance of single screw extruder?


Forsingle screw extruderMany people take the maintenance problem to heart, either they don't have time or don't care. In fact, as a mechanical equipment, it is wrong for you to do so, which will reduce the service life of the machine. The following is an introduction to the maintenance method of the single screw extruder.

Single screw extruder in use, although the role is also relatively large. But what you must know is that you must do a good job in its maintenance. In fact, no matter any machinery and equipment should pay attention to the daily maintenance work, which can reduce the mechanical failure machine to extend the service life of the machine. The same is true for single screw extrusion. It is also used to produce various plastic products. It is an important equipment for plastic extrusion molding. It has a man-machine interface that is easy to monitor and facilitate understanding of processing and machine status. In order to prolong its life, it is recommended that you regularly check the parts of the single screw extruder, and then check whether the details of the parts are loose, whether they need to be reinforced and stable, or the replacement of parts must be handled in time. The rotation direction of its main motor and feeding motor is also to be checked. Facing the discharge head of the main machine of the extruder, the main machine rotates clockwise. The joint surface shall be free of oil leakage and the motor current shall be free of abnormal fluctuation to ensure its normal operation.

In the maintenance of single screw extruder, in addition to these places to check, but also to see all its lubricating oil in the sand mill into continuous operation for a month should be fully released, must do that is thoroughly cleaned. Whether the mechanical bearings of the single screw extruder have enough lubricating oil must ensure the lubrication of the machine bearings. If the time is long, then you must regularly open the belt wheel cover and inertia cover to remove the ash outlet under the flange plate. Of course, the purpose of doing so is to prevent the powder discharged from the crusher chamber from entering the bearing. In addition, it is also suggested that everyone must clean up the remaining scrap inside the single screw extruder machine to reduce the resistance of the machine starting and replace the new oil, check the lubrication condition and oil level of each lubrication point at least once every 2 hours. For the staff, what you need to know is that when it is running, the temperature rise of the main bearing lubricating oil does not exceed 58 ℃. And clean up the storage bin and hopper during normal operation. After confirming that there is no foreign matter, fill the storage bin with materials. Various metering and feeding devices.

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