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1. First, rinse the cooling channel with acid. The water-cooled extruder barrel, like all heat exchangers, is a heat exchanger whose channels are prone to fouling and failure. Many people have noticed that the cooling performance of the new extruder is much better than that of the three-or four-year extruder. The old machinery adheres to the inner surface of the channel, producing scale and affecting the heat transfer efficiency.

2. Use an appropriate concentration of acidic cleaning agent to remove scale and maintain a good heat transfer effect of the pipeline. The gear box is the core component of the flat twin-screw extruder. Therefore, in order to avoid transmission problems, synthetic gear oil can be used to better protect the gears.

Flat twin-screw extruder manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of machinery and equipment. The purpose of the purifier is to remove residual materials in the extruder and die, avoiding time-consuming cleaning of the distributor. Purifier material is often divided into chemical cleaning agent and mechanical sliding friction cleaning agent. Many cleaning agents have both chemical and sliding friction effects. The chemical cleaner reacts with the plastic residue to remove it from the machine surface.

Flat twin-screw extruder manufacturers believe that the working method of mechanical sliding friction cleaning is to use the sliding friction and shear sliding friction on the metal surface to remove residual materials. Processors need many tests to find suitable cleaning materials and methods. No cleaning material has washing effect, and processors need to clean materials cheaply and efficiently.

Working principle of flat twin-screw extruder

Flat twin screw extruder screw aspect ratio, that is, the effective length of the screw and the diameter of the ratio. In general, between the ages of 7-18 years, long protection is variable. The screw turns of the flat twin screw extruder have the same direction and different directions. Trend is often used for mixing, and the opposite direction is often used for extrusion products. Drive power, in kw, represents the power of the motor driving the screw. Speed range, low speed to high speed allowable range, flat twin screw extruder can rotate at high speed, while isomeric rotary extruder can only work between 0-40r/min speed.

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