How to disassemble and clean the single screw extruder


How to disassemble and clean the single screw extruder

  single screw extruderProduction operation point Before each extruder production, carefully check whether there is any foreign matter in the cylinder and hopper, and remove the debris in its parts in time. No tools are allowed to be used on the hopper during the production process. When the operator finds that the equipment is operating abnormally or the operation is unstable, and the operator does not know the cause of the failure, he should stop in time and find relevant personnel to deal with it.single screw extruderDuring the operation of the equipment, do not repair the equipment, do not touch the transmission parts with your hands, and do not open the protective cover in the electrical control box. Here we come to understand how to disassemble and clean the single screw extruder. It's all dry stuff, read it carefully.


When removing the screw and parts in the molding die, do not hit the parts directly with a heavy hammer. If necessary, pad the hardwood first, and then knock down or install the parts. When there is no material for production in the barrel, the screw shall not rotate in the air for a long time in the barrel, and the air test run of the screw shall not exceed 2min. When the extruder is running, the operator shall not face the outlet of the cylinder or die to prevent the melt material from causing injury. In the production process, the swing change of the pointer of the main motor ammeter is often observed. When the single screw extruder is overloaded for a long time, it should stop in time, find out the cause of the fault and eliminate it, and then continue to drive production. When checking the working temperature of the bearing parts and the motor housing, gently touch the test parts with the back of your hand.

When cleaning the attached materials on the barrel, screw, and mold parts, use a bamboo knife or copper knife to clean them. Do not use a steel knife to scrape the materials or burn the residual materials on the parts. During the production process of the extruder, the operator shall not leave the job to engage in other work. If you need to leave the job, you should stop the machine or handle the maintenance master to check. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate independently in lieu of a formal operator.

When cleaning a clean screw can not be used temporarily, we should apply a layer of anti-rust oil, wrap it up, and hang it vertically in a dry and ventilated place. For equipment and molds that are not used by enterprises that have stopped production for a long time, anti-rust oil shall be applied to all parts and working faces. The inlet and outlet ports shall be sealed with oil paper. No heavy objects shall be stored on all equipment to prevent students from deforming due to continuous pressure for a long time. The new equipment is also the first time that we have officially put into production for 500 hours. All the lubricating oil (grease) in each oil tank and oil cup should be replaced. Bearings, oil cups, oil tanks and oil delivery system pipelines should be cleaned and treated, and then new lubricating oil (grease) should be added.

The above introduction issingle screw extruderHow to disassemble for cleaning. If you need to know more, you can contact us at any time! Our company has many years of experience and is looking forward to your joining us at any time.

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