Single screw extruder production operation points and matters needing attention


Single screw extruder production operation points and matters needing attention

  single screw extruderThe operation steps include and matters needing attention, let's take a look at it below.Single screw extruder production operation points and precautions?


  1.single screw extruderPreparations before starting the machine.

The materials used for extrusion production should meet their own requirements for drying environment, and need to be further improved if necessary.

②Select the nose specifications according to the product variety and size, and match them in the following order:

Head flange, mold body, mold, perforated plate and filter screen.

3 Connect the compressed air, install the mandrel and head heating ring, and check the water system.

④ Adjust the gap between the die and check whether the center line of the main machine and the auxiliary machine is aligned.

⑤ Start each operating equipment, check whether the operation can be normal, and eliminate the problems and faults in time.

⑥ Turn on the electric heater to evenly heat the head, body and auxiliary machine. When the temperature of each part is about 10 ℃ higher than the normal production temperature, the constant temperature is 30-60min, so that the temperature inside and outside the machine is consistent.

2. Start the operation. Driving is an important link in production. Improper control will damage the screw and head. Too high temperature will cause plastic decomposition, and too low temperature will damage the screw, cylinder and head. The starting procedure is as follows.

(1) When starting, the speed is low, idling, check whether the screw is abnormal, the motor, ampere meter current overload phenomenon, and whether the pressure gauge is normal. The idle time of the machine should not be too long to prevent the screws and barrels from being scratched.

(2) gradually less feeding plate, only when the material extrusion die only normal feeding. Before the plastic is extruded, no one is allowed in front of the mold to avoid casualties.

(3) After the plastic is extruded, it is necessary to slowly bring the extrudate into cooling and shaping, traction system equipment, and start our information equipment in advance. Then, according to the indication value of the actual control instrument and the requirements for the extrusion products, each link can be adjusted appropriately until the extrusion operation capacity reaches a normal working state.

(4) Cutting and sampling, check whether the appearance meets the requirements, whether the size meets the standards, quickly test the performance, and then adjust the extrusion process according to the quality requirements to make the product meet the standard requirements.

3. Shutdown operation. For general plastic varieties, stop the machine according to the following ①-③.

① Stop feeding, extrude the plastic in the extruder, turn off the power supply of the barrel and the head, and proceed to the next operation.

② Turn off the system host for power supply at the same time, turn off the power supply of each auxiliary machine of the enterprise

③ Open the head to connect a flange, clean up the perforated plate and all parts inside the head. When cleaning, copper rods and copper sheets should be used, and a little oil should be added after cleaning. Screw, barrel cleaning, if necessary, we can different screw from the tail of the top, cleaning after recovery, in general this case enterprises can use some transitional material cleaning.

④ When extruding polyolefin plastics, it is usually stopped when the extruder is full load (material shutdown). At this time, air should be prevented from entering the machine to avoid material oxidation and affect product quality when continuing production. For polyvinyl chloride plastics, you can also close the material door first, reduce the temperature of the nose joint (flange) by 10-20°C, and stop after the body material is extruded.

Close the main power supply and cooling water main valve.


The cooling water used in the extruder system is usually soft water with a hardness of less than 89. g/kg

1.(5 DH), carbonate-free hardness less than 35.6mg\u002Fkg (2dh),pH 7.8-8.

2. When starting up, attention should be paid to the start-up of the information security system. At the same time, attention should be paid to the fact that we should first turn on the feeding equipment and stop the feeding device when shutting down. It is strictly forbidden to stop the material from idling.

3. After that, the cylinder, screws and main accessories should be cleaned in time, and check whether there is a wiring block. Low temperature start-up and material reversal are strictly prohibited.

4. Pay attention to the lubrication of each lubrication point and the two series of thrust bearings, whether there is any leakage in the spiral seal joint, and stop the machine for repair in time if any problem is found.

Always pay attention to the wear of the motor brush, and repair or replace it in time.

The above introduction issingle screw extruderWhat are the main points of production operation. If you need to know more, you can contact us at any time! Our company has many years of experience and is looking forward to your joining us at any time.

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