Maintenance Skills of Gearbox of Flat Twin Screw Extruder


Inflat twin screw extruderIn the daily production of the gearbox, the necessary maintenance is required, the basic contents of which are as follows:

The gear box of the flat twin-screw extruder should be well ventilated, and the working environment temperature should be within the range of 5-35 degrees. Check the amount of gear lubricating oil in the box frequently to ensure that all transmission parts in the box are well lubricated. Check the bearing part of the box frequently. During operation, the oil temperature of the transmission box oil tank should not exceed 70 degrees. The lubricating oil needs to be replaced after the newly put into use gear box works for 250 hours. The later oil change time depends on the state, it is recommended to run 4000-8000 kWh or replace it once a year. The gearbox should be regularly maintained and inspected once a year. The work content is as follows:

A. Remove the gear box cover and check the wear and meshing conditions of the working surface of each transmission reduction gear. If there are burrs or shallow pitting on the meshing surface, it can be ground with an oil stone. Gear with serious wear should be prepared to purchase accessories for replacement during the next maintenance.

B. Check the wear of each bearing. First clean the bearing and check whether there are cracks in the inner and outer coatings; observe the noise and radial clearance during idling. If no problems are found, add some grease for later use.

C. Check whether the lubricating oil in the box is clean. If the oil is mixed with impurities or metal powder, the lubricating oil should be filtered to remove impurities, and then the amount of lubricating oil should be supplemented.

D. After cleaning and checking the parts in the box, install the upper box cover; add enough grease to each bearing part, then replace the new oil seal and tighten the bearing cover.

E. Clean the outside of the gearbox and keep the equipment clean.

Replacement Principle of Internal Parts of Gear Box of Flat Twin Screw Extruder

If there are deep wear pits on the involute meshing tooth surface of the flat twin-screw extruder gear, the noise is large and irregular during work and rotation, and impact vibration often occurs, the gear should be replaced, the inner sleeve or outer sleeve of the ball bearing has cracks, The ball frame is damaged, the radial clearance of the inner and outer sleeve is large, and the outer sleeve bearing rotates noisily. After cleaning the rolling bearing, if one of the above damages is found, the rolling bearing should be replaced, precautions for replacement and installation of gears and bearings Before installation, gears and bearings should be cleaned and trimmed, burrs should be removed, and the dimensions of gear holes, assembly shafts, keys and keyways should be checked, and the matching tolerance requirements specified in the drawings should be met. The replaced rolling bearing should be the same as the original bearing model.

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