Single screw extruder product structure function?


Single screw extruder product structure function?

single screw extruderIt can be said that in the industrial automation industry has a very important role, in order to make everyone more familiar with it, the next small series for small partners to tell about the structure and function of single screw extruder.


single screw extruderThe structure is very compact, and it is also very beautiful from its appearance. This device is also very simple to operate now. The single-screw extruder consists of an Archimedes screw rotating in a heated barrel. Due to its superior performance and wide application range, it can meet the basic needs of various industries. The product has simple structure, easy manufacturing, high processing efficiency, low price and is widely used. It is a mature technology, so it is now a type of extruder with a large amount of consumption. And when it is used, its accuracy is relatively high. Therefore, it is also a good way to achieve closed-loop control of torque, position and speed, and single-screw extruders have developed such as damping screw block, exhaust screw, slotted screw barrel and pin barrel. And manufacturers in the production are also used very advanced technology, so that its function is very much, we in the operation of it can not only improve the effect of work, but also can reduce the cost of labor. Therefore, the one introduced today is very popular with everyone.

single screw extruderIt is mainly composed of three parts: the extrusion system, the transmission system and the heating and cooling system. In fact, the extrusion system here mainly includes the feeding device, the screw and the barrel. This is also something that everyone must understand before operation. Several questions. And it is a key part of the extruder, in which the screw is the heart of the extruder, the material can move in the barrel through the rotation of the screw, and get pressurized and part of the heat. Very convenient and error-free. And single screw extruder widely used, intermittent work, low cost, according to our understanding also sawsingle screw extruderIt also has more varieties of models. If you use it in different industries, its advantages are also different. Here we also suggest that when you buy, you must also be clear about your actual needs before choosing. The equipment can thus add raw materials with high or low viscosity and strip materials, viscous materials, granular materials, etc. It is very suitable for some occasions with high speed requirements. Also in constant efforts and progress, in this case can be very good to meet the actual needs of the market.

The above article content is Xiaobian to introduce the offsingle screw extruderThe product structure and function, about other knowledge points will continue to be updated in the next period, I hope you can bring you some substantive help in the future, here welcome to establish long-term cooperative relations with friends from all over the country.

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