Threaded element Conveying element, threaded sleeve


Threaded element Conveying element, threaded sleeve

Thread sleeve representation: for example, "56/56" conveying block, the former "56" guiding course is 56MM, and the latter "56" refers to the length of 56MM.

Large lead, referring to a pitch of 1.5D ~ 2D

Small lead refers to a pitch of about 0.4D.

Threaded element thread sleeve its use law: with the lead increase, the screw extrusion amount increases, the material residence time decreases, the mixing effect decreases.

A, choose large lead thread occasions, mainly to transport occasions, conducive to improve production; heat sensitive polymer, shorten the residence time, reduce degradation; exhaust, selection (also choose shallow groove), increase the surface area, conducive to exhaust, volatilization, etc.

B, choose the lead thread occasions, mainly mixed occasions, with different working sections gradually reduced combination, used for transportation and pressurization.

C, select the occasion with small lead thread, for the general combination is gradually reduced, thread sleeve for conveying section and homogenization metering section, play a pressurization, improve melting.

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