Common failures in the use of single-screw extruders


The basic information of the single screw extruder was also introduced in detail before, and now we will not feel strange when we see it. Because some friends don't know how to deal with its failure, they just take this opportunity to tell the story for their friends. If you still don't understand, you can learn.

Single-screw extruder is a new type of equipment in the industry. Even if it has not been seen by itself, it can be seen from its name what it is used for. Single-screw extruder is still inseparable from industry production. There are a lot of staff often reaction, when in use suddenly there will be black smoke. You should know that this phenomenon is because there are too many materials sent in the machine, so part of the fuel cannot be fully burned. As long as it is not fully burned, black smoke will be generated. In fact, this is a minor problem. Don't panic, just stop feeding it to solve it. In the future, we will pay attention to these things during operation. If there are any problems, we will check them in time. In addition, customers also need to pay attention to the single screw extruder to replace the bearing grease, when replacing, be sure to clean the bearing. We here is a regular manufacturer, want to order the product friends may wish to come here to choose it, I believe it will not let you down. The price here is reasonable, the quality is guaranteed, and there are many types of products. There is always one that is suitable for you. Welcome to buy.

In addition, some people say that the single screw extruder will have some sparks pop up from time to time during operation. If this phenomenon occurs, then you should know that it is because the ash inside the accumulation of too much, resulting in the exhaust is not smooth, of course, the treatment method is relatively simple, just need to clean up. Of course, we also need to remind everyone here that the single screw extruder can only work eight hours a day, which is the big limit. If it exceeds this time, it will be cleaned up once every three months. Another problem is what to do if you encounter a knot on the surface. In this case, you can take it all apart, and then gently knock the glue inside to let it fall off. These are some of the failures that often occur in the use of single-screw extruders. After we talk about them here today, you will understand that it is still necessary to understand these in advance, and you will know how to deal with them when you encounter such things in the future. We are also welcome to establish long-term cooperative relations with friends from all over the country.

The above failures are often occurred when using a single screw extruder. Today, I made a finishing for everyone. Of course, how to solve it is also clear. Once these things happen, don't panic too much, as long as you strictly follow the method you said, you will deal with them in time.

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