Some knowledge points of screw extruder, extruder screw thread element manufacturers for you


Some knowledge points of screw extruder, extruder screw thread element manufacturers for you

       Extruder screw thread elementManufacturers believe that the screw extruder is an important equipment for extrusion molding of sintered brick and tile plastics. The screw extruder can squeeze the amorphous loose sludge into a dense continuous mud strip with a certain cross-sectional shape. The strip is then cut into sections of mud by a slitting machine, and the sections of mud are cut into individual blanks by a blanking machine, thus completing the forming operation.


The manufacturer of the screw thread element of the extruder believes that the ordinary screw extruder is formed after processing (crushing, wetting and mixing), and the mud material is added to the receiving hopper of the screw extruder. Due to the action of the mud beating plate or the mud pressing roller, the mud enters the mud cylinder of the extruder, is pushed forward by the rotating spiral reamer, and is slightly mixed under the pressure of the spiral reamer, so that the mud passes through the head. Squeeze tightly, and then squeeze from the mouth of the extruder into a continuous mud strip of specified size and shape. The mud strip is cut into a certain length by a special equipment, and cut into a single blank by a cutting machine. In order to reduce the friction between mud and the four walls of the machine mouth, the four corners and walls of the machine mouth should be inlaid with scales made of thin iron sheets, and injected with clear water or oil to lubricate them (there are also dry squeezing without lubricant). The size and shape of the nozzle should be adapted to the nature of the slurry to meet the required cross-sectional dimensions, taking into account the shrinkage of drying and firing.

Extruder screw thread elementThe manufacturer believes that the production capacity of the screw extruder is limited by the size of the mud cylinder. Under the same other conditions, the larger the mud cylinder diameter of the extruder, the higher the productivity. Therefore, the specifications of the extruder are often expressed by the inner diameter of the mud cylinder. In addition to the inner diameter, the shape of the mud cylinder has a direct relationship with productivity and power consumption. Slurry shape, cylindrical and conical. The diameter of the inlet end of the conical mud cylinder is larger than the diameter of the outlet end, which causes the resistance to increase and the output to decrease. In addition, due to the high resistance when the mud slurry is advancing, it is easy to cause a part of the mud slurry to return to the mud along the gap between the screw reamer and the mud barrel bushing. Cylindrical mud cylinder, the compaction of mud depends on the variable pitch of the spiral reamer. Its advantages are: when the mud advances in it, the power consumption is small; it is higher than the conical mud cylinder productivity.

  Extruder screw thread elementManufacturers believe that the production capacity of the extruder depends not only on its own production capacity, but also on the performance and specifications of the unit's supporting equipment. The specifications of the auxiliary equipment should match the host. For example, whether it is supplied with a manual cart or a winch or rail car, it must match the output of the extruder. Otherwise, the efficiency of the extruder will not be fully utilized. If the feeding equipment is selected too small, it will lead to insufficient feeding. Even if the production capacity of the extruder is too large, it is difficult to achieve the designed output.

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