The difference between twin screw extruder and single screw extruder


The difference between twin screw extruder and single screw extruder

twin-screw extruder


The two conical screws are arranged horizontally, the two shafts are loaded into the tube at an angle, the center distance of the two shafts gradually increases from the small end to the large end, and the center distance of the two output shafts of the gearbox is greater. The gears and gear shafts in these gearboxes, the radial bearings and the thrust bearings supporting these gear shafts have more installation space. Larger size radial bearings and thrust bearings can be installed, and each drive shaft has sufficient shaft diameter to transmit the torsion distance. This parallel twin-screw extruder is not comparable.

Twin screw extruder stop bearing

When the twin-screw extruder is working, the melt produces a very large pressure on the screw head (head pressure). The pressure is generally about 14MPA, sometimes up to more than 30MPA. This pressure on the screw to form a strong axial thrust, to bear the thrust is the role of static bearings.

Twin-screw extruder characteristics

1. According to the relative position of the two axes, there are parallels and tapers.

2. According to the screw meshing procedure, there are meshing type and non-meshing type.

3. According to the rotation direction of the two screws, there is a distinction between the same direction and the opposite direction, and there is a distinction between inward and outward direction.

4. According to the screw speed, high speed and low speed points;

5. According to the screw and tube structure, there are integral and combined.

single screw extruderGenerally, the effective length is divided into three sections, and the effective length of the three sections is determined according to the screw diameter, pitch and screw depth, which is generally divided into 1/3 sections.

Single screw extruder characteristics

1. The material transportation of the single-screw extruder mainly depends on friction, and the supply performance of the single-screw extruder is limited, and it is more difficult to add powder, paste, glass fiber and weapon fillers.

2, single screw extruder exhaust extruder material due to the exhaust area of the surface renewal effect is small, single screw extruder exhaust effect is poor.

Single-screw extruders are not suitable for certain processes, such as polymer coloring, thermosetting powder processing, etc.

4. When the pressure of the single screw extruder is high, the reflux increases and the productivity of the single screw extruder decreases.

Single Screw Plastic ExtruderWorking principle

The extrusion system is heated to the specified process temperature, and the motor is started after holding for a period of time, and the torque and speed required by the screw are provided through the reducer. The plastic of the hopper enters the conch from the supply port under the action of its own weight or the thrust of the charger. As the screw rotates, the plastic is transported forward by friction with the barrel screw.

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